Hi, my name is Frederick Jones (or Fred Forlorn) and this is the official site of my video game development company known as ForlornArts. At the moment I’m currently in the process of making a 2D Platformer that is suppose to be released by 2017 or 2018. I’ve been making games since my 8th grade year, but I took break for a year after I made my last game “Red Scorge”. At the moment I make my games in a game engine called “Stencyl”, but I plan to learn more about other engines such as “Unity” and “Unreal Engine”. I also have a YouTube channel where I make game related videos, and I also want to get into music production as well.

ForlornArts Interactive Entertainment was originally founded in 2009 as FriendsComics. I was a six grader in middle school and me and another friend use to make comic books with either characters that were in video games that we played or characters that we made ourselves. However, as time went on we started to grow away from making comic books and I was more interested in making games. In late 2011, I ran across a game engine called “Stencyl”, and I started to play around with the engine and try to make my own flash game. I wanted to make flash games based off of the comic books I made when I was in middle school. I made my first game in 2012 called “Smiley Wars”, however, I never released the game because it was too buggy and it wasn’t stable enough to be released to the public.

After Smiley Wars, I started to get to work on my second game known as “Red Scorge” , and I also changed the company name to 12thManEntertainment that same year. Next to working on Red Scorge, I also started to get back into making YouTube videos with a channel I originally started back in 2011. Red Scorge was officially finished by the end of my sophomore year of high school in 2014. Even though this game was slightly better than my first, I still didn’t release it because I thought the game wouldn’t be well received.

In 2015, I decided to return to Stencyl and make another game. With more knowledge on programming and design, I feel as though my next project will be the best game I have ever released. I’m planning to release more details on my next game in the winter of 2016. But I will be giving you guys some news and updates before then. My next game will be a flash game and will be released in the late spring or early summer of 2017.


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